They’re so cuteeee

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Reblog if you want your followers to ask you anything they’re curious about.

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When Sunggyu heard that Sungjong ranked himself 2nd on INFINITE’s Appearance Ranking

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is there a subbed hd version of sunggyu’s 4 things show episdoe? i found one thats not hd and i thought i could stand the bad quality but nope i cant .

you could try here

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sometimes i wonder… How many ARMY’s are over the age of 16? Reblog if you are~

adorable kookie @ after school club backstage

Infinite’s reaction to their old videos.


The short version:

  • Prize - BTS Dark & Wild Album
  • Begins 8/20 and ends 10/7
  • MBF me
  • Reblogs and likes count

The long version:

Well, the time has finally come for me to announce my first giveaway! As many of you know, BTS just released their first full album, Dark & Wild.

I fell in love with this album since the initial countdown on their BigHit website reached 00:00:00. They released the trailer featuring What Am I To You, and I could NOT stop listening to it.

I just really want to share my love for Dark & Wild with a lucky winner who will receive their very own copy of this masterpiece!

This giveaway will end on my birthday (shared with Yixing, my love :p) on October 7, 2014, at 11:59 P.M. (Pacific).

Just hit up my askbox if you have any questions.

Official Rules:

  1. Must be following me, what-am-i-2-you. I will check!
  2. You don’t have to be an A.R.M.Y, but if this album converts you into one, then I’ll be super happy.
  3. Each reblog counts, so reblog as much as you want. And, likes will also count as an additional entry.
  4. Do not remove any of this text.
  5. No giveaway blogs.
  6. Winner will be chosen by random selection through random.org.
  7. Have your askbox open because that is how I’ll be contacting you if you win. You will have 72 hours to respond, or a new winner will be selected.
  8. If winner is a minor in their country, they must have a legal guardian’s permission to provide a shipping address for the prize.
  9. Will ship internationally.

Good luck to all participants! A.R.M.Y fighting!!! ♡

ahjussi, are you exercising?


생일 축하합니다 열오빠~! Today is your 24th birthday! Hopefully you’re spending it well with lots of rest, good food, and good company. Another year older, another reason for you to be more loved. I love the person that you were, the way you are now, and I cannot help but to think of how much more exquisite you will be in decades to come. May you have many more birthdays in counting, my deerest. Thank you for all the beautiful things you’ve given to your fans and for being the answer to every question my heart could ask.

♡ 생일축하합니다 이성열 ♡ happy birthday my sunshine!
(;▽;)ノ☆ #24thYeolDay


Happy birthday to Sungyeol who is very hard working on everything he does, and I hope you always stay happy and stay real to yourself because you don’t need to change a thing about yourself. I hope today, you will be as happy as you make every one else. I love you my ray of sunshine, may your day be filled with happiness, love and cheers♡ 

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